Linear Induction Motors

Linear Motors, efficient and reliable sources of linear force and motion, are the prime elements of modern electromagnetic propulsion systems, utilized in the transportation and amusement rides applications.

Although the concept of Linear Induction Motors is about a century and half old, this technology has experienced real growth only in the last four decades. These are the formative years when progressive designers and manufacturers of propulsion systems recognized the true potential and practical advantages of Linear Motors. This is the time when Sherwood Electromotion Inc. (SEI) developed and introduced distinct products and services for the electromagnetic propulsion systems equipment.

Over the last 4 decades, SEI has been involved in numerous and diverse projects utilizing Linear Motors. Whether induction or synchronous, single sided or double sided, short stator or long stator, low voltage or high voltage, SEI’s technical expertise covers every type and variant of Linear Motors. All Linear Motors supplied by SEI are custom designed and precisely manufactured to ensure absolute compatibility with the unique parameters of the propulsion system and the specific requirements of each application. SEI’s comprehensive services for Linear Motors are grouped into three distinct categories.


SEI is an established supplier of efficient, reliable and long-lasting Linear Induction Motors and Linear Synchronous Motors to the worldwide customer base. SEI’s service solutions for Linear Motors provide a wide ranging-product support to the manufacturers and users of electromagnetic propulsion systems. SEI’s commitment to customer satisfaction represents an assurance of worry-free use and ownership of the supplied Linear Motors.

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