Main Generators

Sherwood Electromotion Inc. (SEI) provides overhaul of main generators for rail transportation and mass transit applications. We offer rewind services, major and minor overhauls, and complete rehabilitation services for EMD and GE locomotive generators and other motive power generators.

Our Products include:

  • EMD AR10 Main Generators
  • EMD AR11 Main Generators
  • EMD AR12 Main Generators
  • EMD AR15 Main Generators
  • EMD AR16 Main Generators
  • EMD D12 Main Generators
  • EMD D22 Main Generators
  • EMD D25 Main Generators
  • EMD D32 Main Generators


Our Services include:

  • Overhaul of AC and DC Main Power Generators
  • Overhaul of Generators for Hybrid Transit Vehicles


  • GE 5GTA28A2 Main Generators
  • GE 5GT55 Main Generators
  • GE GT558 Main Generators
  • GE 5GT569 Main Generators
  • GE 5GT581 Main Generators
  • GE 5GT586 Main Generators
  • GE 5GT603 Main Generators
  • GE 5GTA41B14 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GTA11 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GTA41B14 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GTA17 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GTA24 Main Alternators Exciter
  • GE 5GMG182 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GMG186 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GMG192 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GMG194 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GMG195 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GMG197 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GMG200 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GMG201 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GMG203B1 Main Alternators
  • GE 5GMG205A3 Main Alternator


Our expertise and capabilities also give us the ability to assemble new main power generators
Sherwood Electromotion’s overhaul process is uncompromising and involves a stringent Quality Management System that is supported by ISO certification for inspection, testing, and qualification of all work performed by Sherwood Electromotion.

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