Wind Power Generators

Sherwood Electromotion Inc. (SEI) are Wind Power Generator experts. Supported by 4 decades of expertise in the overhaul and assembly of power generation equipment for major industries, SEI is able to make any required overhaul or repairs to wind power generators and offers services to manufacturers and owners/operators for generators up to 6MW.

  • Overhaul and repair services
  • Contract manufacturing services and partnerships
  • Supply of sub-assemblies and components
  • Customized service solutions and service programs

Services for Owners/Operators SEI provides owners/operators with services for wind generator overhauls and repairs. The scope of these important services will help ensure the reliability and optimum operation of generators after the warranty period has expired. SEI can also make assessments for the creation of specially designed service programs to ensure the operational reliability of wind power generators, regardless of the scope of services required.SEI’s facilities are strategically located in Buffalo, New York and Toronto (Concord) Ontario, Canada providing our customers with timely service while meeting Buy America and Buy Canadian content requirements. To ensure that the highest standards are constantly being met in the delivery of all products and services, SEI maintains a dedicated Quality Management System as reflected by our ISO certification. All products and services supplied by SEI are supported by a comprehensive warranty policy.

Customizable Service Solutions SEI’s services can be customized to meet both manufacturer and owner/operator requirements for wind power generators, and include structured overhaul programs, rewind programs, bearing replacement programs, and unit exchange services.

Warranty Period Repair Services SEI is able to enter into special arrangements with wind generator manufacturers to provide warranty-period repair services. SEI’s extensive expertise makes it possible for us to make any required repairs to keep wind power generators operating with a complete assurance of reliability.

Anna GWind Power Generators