Sherwood Electromotion Inc.'s (SEI) comprehensive scope of supply, expertly consolidated over the last four decades, offers customers the optimal choice in the selection of the right products or services that provide superior value for customers' specific needs.

To maintain continuous availability of the right products and services, SEI concentrates the principal part of its operations within the following core business segments:

New Equipment and Remanufactured Equipment segments represent commodities listed in SEI's products lineup, while Services segment refers to activities outlined in SEI's service categories lineup.

New Equipment

New products supplied by SEI are developed by the products’ designers for specific new applications or as direct replacement units for particular equipment within the existing systems. These products are manufactured within the framework of Specific Orders or Contract Manufacturing Agreements.

SEI builds and tests new products in strict compliance with specifications and requirements stipulated by the products’ designers. All production processes are strictly monitored, controlled, and documented to maintain accuracy and traceability of all operations as well as ensure optimum reliability of the finished products.

Throughout the entire manufacturing cycle, from the assembly of initial prototypes to the completion of series production for hundreds of units, SEI collaborates with products’ designers, systems’ OEMs, and end-users to affirm that all technical and commercial requirements, stated by customers, are fully met.

Remanufactured Equipment

Remanufactured products offered by SEI are evaluated and rebuilt in accordance with OEMs' specifications and are rigorously tested to ensure complete functional equivalency with the brand new products.

For its remanufacturing operations SEI utilizes a dedicated and effective process, based on forty years of experience in repairs, overhauls, and manufacture of electrical rotating equipment. SEI’s remanufacturing process includes comprehensive inspection and parts qualification using Coordinate Measurement Machine; recondition and renewal of components to OEMs' standards; use of qualified and new genuine replacement parts; performance of static and dynamic tests in conformance with OEMs' directives.

The definitive result of SEI's engineering expertise and remanufacturing activities is a diverse pool of high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective products available for expedited delivery from SEI's inventory.

Replacement and Spare Parts

To support its manufacturing, remanufacturing, and service operations SEI has developed an extensive supply network of qualified and certified components vendors and manufacturers. This dependable supply chain enables SEI to source and obtain any parts and special materials needed for modern equipment, aged equipment, and equipment no longer supported by the OEMs.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of this supply network allows SEI to offer customers a comprehensive selection of high-quality, reliable replacement parts, and special materials, as well as provide equivalency reference service for obsolete parts. All offered components are fully compatible with OEMs' specifications and customers’ requirements.

SEI continuously monitors market conditions, validates supply network capabilities, and employs economies of scale strategies to ensure that our customers receive the best commercial value.


SEI provides full spectrum of effective services, which are designed to help our customers attain their operational and budgetary objectives.

SEI’s service processes and procedures reflect OEMs' requirements and all serviced equipment complies with OEMs' specifications. Quality and reliability of the serviced equipment are assured through the utilization of rigorous initial evaluation, in-process QA inspections, process validation tests, performance tests, and final QA inspection.

Status and progress of equipment within the service process are actively monitored by the customer service personnel and detailed reports are submitted to customers. SEI's operational transparency is the cornerstone of its commitment to customers' satisfaction.