Sherwood Electromotion Inc. (SEI) supplies new standard and application-specific cable assemblies and provides an extensive selection of cables and associated parts.

In electrical rotating machines, cables are used for the interconnection of a machine’s internal components and for connecting electrical machines to external devices. Cable assembly for a specific electrical machine consists of a set of properly sized and rated cables, cut to requisite lengths, appropriately marked and terminated with quick-disconnect or bolted type connectors. Each electrical rotating machine requires an OEM defined standard cable assembly or an application-specific cable assembly, whereby parameters such as rating, size, length, and termination may vary in accordance with prevailing specifications.

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SEI's Cable Assembly Scope of Supply

SEI's Scope of Supply offers a world-wide customer base the Optimal Choice and Value for cable assemblies, related Parts, and required Services.


SEI has dedicated engineering and manufacturing programs to ensure the availability of high quality parts and sub-assemblies.


SEI is proud to offer its customers a wide choice of standard and application specific services.

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