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Cooling fan assemblies are a vital part of the locomotive radiator system. A reliable and efficient operation of cooling fan assembly ensures effective functionality of the radiator system, which maintains optimum operating temperature of the locomotive engine system equipment.

Blower assemblies, installed in the locomotives and mass transit vehicles, are utilized to help dissipate heat generated by propulsion system equipment. Blower assemblies provide continuous flow of cooling air to the designated devices, thus maintaining optimum ambient conditions for the reliable and efficient operation of the propulsion system.

Fans and impellers are mechanical devices utilized in electrical rotating machines for self-ventilation. These devices are usually mounted on the shafts of electrical rotating machines or are mechanically attached to electrical rotating machines as a separate unit with an independent drive motor.

Furthermore, fans and impellers are components of cooling and blower assemblies, which provide ventilation for various types of electrical or mechanical equipment.

Cooling Fans and Blower Assemblies

OEM Number



5GY25A2GECooling Fan Assemblies
5GE112G1GECooling Fan Assemblies
5GE116A1GECooling Fan Assemblies

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