Sherwood Electromotion Inc. (SEI) supplies new pinions and delivers a complete range of pinion services.

Pinions are a small circular gear installed on the drive end of traction motor’s shaft. Pinions are usually engaged with a bull gear and transmit rotary movement of the motor’s shaft to the driven load. There are various types and sizes of pinions, with different number of teeth. Special procedures are used for pinion installation on and removal from the motor’s shaft. The selection of a proper pinion gear depends on the required gear ratio of the drive system.

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SEI's Pinion Scope of Supply

SEI's Scope of Supply offers a world-wide customer base the Optimal Choice and Value for pinions, related Parts, and required Services.


SEI has dedicated engineering and manufacturing programs to ensure the availability of high quality parts and sub-assemblies.


SEI is proud to offer its customers a wide choice of standard and application specific services.

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