Cooling fan assembly is a vital part of the locomotive radiator system. A reliable and efficient operation of cooling fan assembly ensures effective functionality of the radiator system, which maintains optimum operating temperature of the locomotive engine system equipment.

Sherwood Electromotion Inc. (SEI) supplies new and remanufactured cooling fan assemblies, delivers a complete range of cooling fan services and provides an extensive selection of replacement parts and subassemblies. SEI supports all models and configuration of cooling fans assemblies, which are defined by physical diameter, number of fan blades, motor speed, output power and input parameters.

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SEI's Cooling Fan Assembly Scope of Supply

SEI's Scope of Supply offers a world-wide customer base the Optimal Choice and Value for cooling fan assemblies, related Parts, and required Services.


SEI has dedicated engineering and manufacturing programs to ensure the availability of high quality parts and sub-assemblies.


SEI is proud to offer its customers a wide choice of standard and application specific services.

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