Pitch drive in the wind turbine controls rotor’s speed by ensuring that turbine’s blades are positioned at the required angle to the direction of the wind.

Yaw drive in the wind turbine controls nacelle’s orientation, ensuring that the rotor always faces into the wind, thus maximizing power generation.

Both Pitch and Yaw functions in the wind turbine are performed by dedicated drive systems, which utilize high-performance electric motors. These electric motors are specifically designed to operate with exceptional reliability and optimum efficiency in the wind turbine environment.

Sherwood Electromotion Inc. (SEI) supplies new pitch and yaw motors, delivers a complete range of pitch and yaw motor services and provides necessary replacement parts. SEI supports pitch and yaw motors for all makes of wind turbines.

Pitch and Yaw Motor Products

OEM Number



Salem 20 NmGEPitch Motor
Salem 30 NmGEPitch Motor

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