The concept of harvesting wind energy for the production of mechanical power is as old as the windblown sails of the Vikings longships. Although the concept has been practiced for centuries, only in the last fifty years has this ambitious effort became a formative foundation for the emergence of the Wind Power Generation industry. The Wind Power Generation industry utilizes Wind Power Conversion Systems, also known as Wind Turbines, as a clean, environmentally sustainable means of producing electricity on a significant scale.

The principal component of the Wind Power Conversion System, the heart of the Wind Turbine is the electric generator. Located high above ground level in the nacelle of the Wind Turbine, the generator operates as an effective convertor of mechanical power into electricity. There are numerous makes, types and models of generators developed specifically for Wind Turbines applications. Whether they are synchronous or asynchronous type, squirrel cage, wound or permanent magnet rotor model, gear-case coupled or direct drive configuration all generators ultimately perform the same function, feeding megawatts of electric power into the supply grid.

As wind power generator technology continues to evolve, emphasizing increased efficiency, improved reliability and extended life-span of the generators, the operators of the Wind Farms are focused on achieving optimum balance among maximizing power output, controlling operating costs and minimizing maintenance expenditures.

Sherwood Electromotion Inc. (SEI), a qualified and approved vendor to the Wind Power Industry can assist Wind Farm operators and other industry stakeholders in attaining their technical and commercial objectives. SEI supplies new and remanufactured wind power generators, delivers a complete range of generator services and provides an extensive selection of replacement parts and subassemblies for various types of generators.

SEI supports and services the following representative makes of wind power generators:


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