Sherwood Electromotion supplies products and service solutions for the rail, mass transit, oil, gas, mining, and wind power generation industries. Our dedication to scope of supply, contact manufacturing, product reliability, and customer service keeps SEI a forefront leader in our industry.

Sherwood Electromotion specializes in locomotive propulsion systems technology. We are experts in extending traction motor, generator, and auxiliary power equipment life and increasing reliability through rigourous overhaul processes for the Rail Transportation Industry. Our methods of rebuilding and restoring locomotive propulsion systems equipment are time-tested and guarantee quality, dependable service.

Sherwood Electromotion specializes in rail and mass transit propulsion systems' equipment. We have the expertise and capabilities to make any required overhauls to traction motors, linear induction motors, generators, and auxiliary power units for the rail mass transit industry while guaranteeing a quick response time and a complete assurance of reliability.

Sherwood Electromotion is able to provide a broad range of effective service solutions that ensure superior performance and exceptional longevity of the specially developed traction motors used in the Oil, Gas, and Mining industries.

Sherwood Electromotion is a strong advocate of renewable energy initiatives such as Wind Power Generation, and is committed to contributing to a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come. By utilizing our technical expertise, we are able to perform minor and major overhauls on Wind Power Generators as well as provide a comprehensive range of services to guarantee optimum performance.


Our product line is diverse and guaranteed to be of the highest quality on the market.


SEI is dedicated to assuring a high standard of quality control on all of our parts.


We are proud to offer our customers a wide variety of standard and tailored services.

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