Sherwood Electromotion Inc. (SEI), an established, qualified supplier to the Rail, Mass Transit, Oil, Gas & Mining and Wind Power Generation industries, offers global customer base a diverse range of reliable replacement parts and subassemblies for electrical rotating machines utilized in the aforementioned industries. All offered components are fully compliant with OEM specifications and customers’ requirements.

SEI continually monitors market conditions, validates supply network capabilities, and employs economies of scale strategies to ensure that our customers receive the best commercial value.

The availability of reliable replacement parts is the essential requirement for successful maintenance and repair services in any industry. However, this is particularly relevant in the industries, where the reliable operation of electrical rotating machines directly affects efficient transport of commodities, timely mobility of people and effective generation of electric power.

To optimize effectiveness of planning, estimating and scheduling processes for the maintenance and repair services, procurement specialists in various industries rely on the commitment of qualified vendors to meet growing demand for the required replacement parts.


Parts Categories

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SEI's Parts Scope of Supply

SEI's Scope of Supply offers a world-wide customer base the Optimal Choice and Value for parts, and required services.


SEI has dedicated engineering and manufacturing programs to ensure the availability of high quality parts and sub-assemblies.


SEI is proud to offer its customers a wide choice of standard and application specific services.

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