A Practical Perspective on Quality

Sherwood Electromotion Inc.'s (SEI) pragmatic approach to ensure optimum quality, reliability, and effectiveness of its products and services led to the development and implementation of a focused, effective, and dynamic Quality Management System (QMS). Within the framework of SEI's operations, QMS coordinates and validates each and every aspect of the engineering, procurement, production, testing, and inspection processes, assuring absolute conformance with OEM's and customer’s specifications as well as SEI's exacting quality assurance requirements. All production and service activities are meticulously planned and optimized to ensure successful execution the first time. Rework is unacceptable.

SEI's Quality Management System is certified by the ISO and AAR and fully complies with the ISO 9001:2015 and AAR M-1003 standards and requirements.

Continuous review of the QMS' performance and subsequent improvements to the System guide our corporate investments in innovation, infrastructure, and initiatives that expand process functionality, advance skills development, and enhance customers' satisfaction.

The invariable result of SEI's proactive strategy is a punctual delivery of highly effective and supremely reliable products and services to our customers.

This is Sherwood Electromotion's commitment to quality. This is Engineered Reliability.

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