Sherwood Electromotion Inc. (SEI) are experts in locomotive propulsion systems technology. Serving the Rail Transportation Industry, we specialize in extending traction motor, generator, and auxiliary power equipment life and increasing reliability through rigorous overhaul processes. By utilizing dedicated, time-tested methods we are able to rebuild and restore locomotive propulsion systems equipment for return to service with the most important quality of dependability.

Providing full services for the overhaul of EMD, GE, and ABB traction motors, generators, and system components, our remanufacturing methods involve a stringent Quality Management System for complete follow-through of inspection, testing, and qualification with strict adherence to OEM specifications and customer requirements.

Our comprehensive range of locomotive propulsion systems re-manufacturing services include overhaul of the following system components:

  • AC and DC Traction Motors
  • Auxiliary Power Generators
  • Fan Assemblies
  • Blower sets
  • Armatures
  • Stator
  • Main Generators
  • Alternators
  • Cab Heaters
  • Starters
  • Rotors
  • Frames


To ensure complete customer satisfaction, Sherwood Electromotion utilizes an effective integration of engineering expertise, remanufacturing methods, and capacity management for seamless and timely delivery of all products and services. Our plants operate on a three-shift production schedule and are outfitted with advanced equipment and test instrumentation to meet all customer needs.

SEI maintains a commitment to meet and exceed all customer requirements and expectations. All products and services supplied by SEI are supported by a comprehensive warranty policy.